Youth Voices Curriculum Overview

Departures' Youth Voices workshops are flexible in nature. The curriculum caters to the needs and scope of each installment as well as the amount of time any given classroom can offer to the project. We have worked in a variety of capacities -- classes that meet during school hours, after-school programs in schools, and community center after-school programs.

Ideally, each workshop should take 90 - 120 minutes and meet once or twice a week. After the 9th workshop, the curriculum shifts into a more production heavy phase where students go out into their communities, on their own time, to gather field data via video portraits and interviews, photographs, and sound recording. Students direct their time in the classroom to post-production editing and blog entries.

The Departures Production Team begins production during the middle of the Youth Voices curriculum and the two branches weave together. Students go out and help the Departures Team and The Departures Team goes out and helps the students conduct their field work. This aspect of production occurs either after-school or during the weekends. All of the education material is organized on the Departures Youth Voices Wiki.

Below, is a breakdown of the Departures Youth Voices curriculum divided up into student workshops.

Student Workshop 1: Intro to Departures

Student Workshop 2: Intro to My Neighborhood & Me Project

Student Workshop 3: Personal Maps

Student Workshop 4: Multimedia Production I (Photography)

Student Workshop 5: Multimedia Production II (Video)

Student Workshop 6: Multimedia Production III (Sound Design)

Student Workshop 7: Video Editing I

Student Workshop 8: Field Data Gathering I (Venice Beach)

Student Workshop 9: Video Editing II

Student Workshop 10: Field Data Gathering II (SPARC)

Student Workshop 11: Design & Panoramas

Student Workshop 12: Field Data Gathering III (My Neighborhood & Me Project)

Student Workshop 13: Student Murals


Mapping Our Neighborhood


Youth Voices Investigates Richland Farms