Kenia Villa's Digital Mural

The Youth Voices student producers created digital murals of their neighborhood and the places that are meaningful to them. Each mural contains 3 to 4 hot spots and a brief description below of these places as well as some information on their experience in Youth Voices. Click on the image at the bottom to view the mural.

My digital mural shows a lot about who I am and what connects me to my community. Every hot spot I chose has personal history behind it. Each one shows a part of me that many don't know about. It shows off interesting parts of HLP that visitors would enjoy.

There is a big arts and culture scene here. We have a variety of art galleries and there are many murals throughout HLP. The culture of the community can be seen in the many food establishments and people here. There is plenty to do in Highland Park. Since we have the Highland Park Theater anyone can watch a movie, and if you have time to kill while you wait to see a movie, you can shop at the variety of shops like Forever 21, Highland Park Swap Meet, The Rock Factory and more. If you want to play a sport or relax we have many parks to choose from including Debs Park where the Audubon Center is located.

The Youth Voices program helped me better understand and connect with my community. It involves both visual and audio skills that you learn through various workshops. Over all it helps you better understand your community and how you fit into it.


Karen Quijada's Digital Mural


William Ruiz Digital Mural