Meet The Highland Park Youth Voices Student Producers


Meet the Student ProducersComing back from their spring break, the Youth Voices Student Producers from the Arroyo Seco Academy at Franklin H.S. were asked to finalize and share their first digital activity, entitled "Meet Me." A Power Point presentation that features visual representations of who they are, what they feel and what they believe, it gives the students an opportunity to examine their own identity while utilizing and building on their media and technology skills. The activity also gave the students a chance to see how an audience responded to their creative choices. How an audience reads and understands is a key component of the process of developing media. This is an important step as they move into the next phase of the larger "My Neighborhood" project, where they will be asked to find or create media that explores their relationship with their neighborhood.

From viewing their presentations it was clear that many, as Seniors, had their futures on their mind. Graduation is around the corner so the question and anxiety of what comes next was frequently featured as their main concern. As a respite to the heaviness of this matter, there is lots of humor and a wonderful display of the students' strong connections to family, friends, and their community.

Below are a few examples of the student's work. Stay tuned for more.


Highland Park Youth Voices - Week One


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