Adrian Orozco Neighborhood Mural

Use your mouse to scroll through and view the mural.

The NELA Riverfront Youth Voices student producers created digital murals of their neighborhood and the places that are meaningful to them. Scroll left and right to see the entire mural. Enjoy!

In my VUVUX mural, I used five of my hot spots. Those hot spots are my house, Super A Foods, the apartments down my street, a house in front of Super A, and La Esquina Market. I used those hot spots because I think those are the most important that I have. The store down my street, La Esquina, is the most important because I usually go to it everyday. My house is obviously important because I live there. Super A is important because that store is where we usually get stuff for parties, like fruits, meat, beer, plates, etc. The apartments down my street aren't really important but they are a hot spot because I hate passing through there because it's a kick-it spot for 'cholos'. Lastly the spot in front of Super A is important because someone I knew was killed there.

By participating in the Departures Youth Voices class I learned a lot about the L.A. River and things in 'frogtown'. What I learned about the river is that it is open to the public in the summer for Kayaks, swimming, and fishing. The best part of my mural is being able to show where I come from and how I am connected to my river.


Edith Ortega's Neighborhood Mural


Lorraine Robles Neighborhood Mural