Arturo Gonzalez Neighborhood Mural

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In my mural, I selected eight hotspots. The L.A. River is a hotspot to me because I run on the bike path/trail often. The school I go to, the L.A. River School, had a cleanup at the River and it was lots of fun and we helped a lot. It is also a hotspot because this river named the city and it is right next to where Ii live. I also included Marshall High School as a hotspot. The photos from Marshall are the front of the school, the sparkly M, and the side entrance of the school. Another hotspot was Allesandro Elementary School. I used the front of the school as an example, and the paintings all along the front of the school. I used San Fernando Road and Fletcher St. as a hotspot because there are many fast-food restaurants where I eat -- McDonalds, Burger King, El Pollo Loco, and I get gas from the chevron. I used Dorris Place Elementary as a hot spot because that was the first school I ever went to and that's the school I've went the longest to, for four years. I used Sotomayor Learning Academies as a hotspot because I go to school there. I used the sign in the front of the school, and I also used a picture of the campus. I used Riverside Dr. and Newell St. because I play basketball out there sometimes. I pass by that intersection almost every day, and there is a liquor store I go to frequently. My final hot spot is my home. I live on Partridge Avenue, I play basketball with my neighbors on their court. I live there so to me it is my most important hotspot in my neighborhood.

I selected each of my hot spots because they have been near me my whole life or I went to school in some hot spots and those schools left a big impact on me. Each hot spot is an important part of my neighborhood because they have shaped who I am today and without them I could be a totally different person. I learned new things about some of my hot spots for example: my old elementary school, Allesandro, now requires uniforms, Marshall is under construction at the moment (I haven't been there in 2 years,) there is some crazy trash in the river like; a car, shopping carts, car batteries, dead animals, book shelves, and a lot of plastic. My favorite part of my mural has to be 2 things. One was the Marshall section because I used to go to school there my freshman year, my mom and her dad graduated from there and when I was there I had a blast. My other favorite part about my mural was my great grandparents. My great grandmother is 95 years old and I'm just so lucky to still have her in my life, and my great grandpa is 10 years younger than her. They just live on the other side of my neighborhood but I don't visit them often but when I do I love the experience.


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