Astrid Hernandez - Neighborhood Mural

Using your mouse, scroll left and right to view the entire mural.

The NELA Riverfront Youth Voices student producers created digital murals of their neighborhood and the places that are meaningful to them. Use your mouse to scroll through and view the mural.

In my mural I included five different hot spots and all in different areas of Elysian Valley and Silverlake. All the places I included are places I go to often, where I've made memories, and places where I believe there is a long history that visitors to the neighborhood may know and appreciate. My first hotspot is the Los Angeles River. I included pictures of the view to the water with a heron and inside the patches of land. My second hot spot is the Liquor Store on Blake St., it shows a picture of the mural and how the liquor store looks from inside. My third hot spot is Rick's Drive In and Out which includes a photo of the diner and the front door. My fourth hot spot is Big Saver foods and it includes a picture of the grocery show as well as the helicopter located outside of it. Finally, my fifth hotspot is Wong's Wok Chinese Food which includes the outside of the restaurant, inside furniture, and its food.

I selected each hot spot for a reason. The specific location of the L.A. River was chosen because it is the section of the river that is near my old childhood home on Gatewood St., so it's the most familiar. The Liquor Store was chosen because it is the only store inside Elysian Valley yet it's hidden in Blake St. as if it's only for the residents of the neighborhood. Rick's was chosen because it's definitely a hot spot for anyone in Elysian Valley. It's definitely what we're known for, other than being located next to the L.A. River. Big Saver was chosen because it is the closest grocery store we have and my mom has bought our produce there since we moved to Elysian Valley. Wong's Wok was chosen because they make the best Chinese food and it is definitely my place to go when I want chow mein and milk tea.

My most favorite part of mural is definitely the Los Angeles River. I worked my hardest on it yet not too hard because nature is just as beautiful left alone. It is definitely the place that changes the most yet keeps its roots. Every time you visit the L.A. River it is never the same but there is something so comforting to me about the times I do visit because I always come back home with amazing memories. The day I went to take the photos for my mural it was my first time seeing a heron in nature which I thankfully captured flying away. I also included a picture I took with a disposable camera on a billboard only because it's definitely a picture that was brought up throughout my days at the LARS Youth Voices. The photo also showed me that nature shouldn't be messed with. It's just as beautiful by itself, the photo contained no editing nor a filter. It was taken with a disposable camera yet it looks amazingly beautiful and brings a different perspective.


Visiting Rick Cortez at RAC Design Build in Elysian Valley


Mapping Through a Personal Lens