Building a Message: A Spot for Dogs to Have Fun and Run Free

Looking for a place to play

Youth Voices is working with students from the Los Angeles River School to re-imagine the L.A. River and the surrounding communities as part of the Northeast Los Angelels Riverfront Collaborative. The students have formed teams to explore and investigate their communities, map assets, collect and share stories, data and community input for their projects. All the while they are learning and expanding their knowledge of digital media and civic engagement. Follow their work here and on Instagram and Twitter by using #kcetyv.

Our team selected the cause of building a dog park on a vacant lot because we all live near the area and we have noticed dogs locked in apartments or just sitting in their yards. We thought that there should be a spot for dogs to have fun and run free.

The overall response we received from the community members is that they liked the idea of a dog park. When you walk through the neighborhood there is at least 10 dogs just on one block.

This has been a long process for all of us to make all these ideas come together. Our group was concerned about the amount of money it would cost to to get this park started. We learned that doing anything good for the community can be hard but you just have to show the right people why it's important and reach out to them as much as you can.

We also learned that it is possible for our community to be gentrified, although it may be a long process.

Our next step is to show the city that people with empty lots should clean that lot once a month or the owner should get ticketed.

We also want to raise awareness that the community would love a dog park instead of an empty lot that just takes up space.


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