Community Outreach: NELA Open House and Workshops

Team Green at their presentation table during the NELA RC's community open house | Photo: Rubi Fregoso

The focus of the event was to present our project to community members and experts. We were able to show our ideas revolving around creating a monthly river cleanup and how to improve our community. We set up a table so people would be able to stop by with us and view our presentation. Afterwards we answered questions and listened to advice or feedback that visitors were willing to give. Here are a few notes that we received:

"Find creative ways to put up signs so the signs aren't a distraction to the main focus which is the river."
"It is a good idea to organize monthly cleanups, so more people in the community could be encouraged to take part in the project."

Another community participant from Glassell Park, Alexis Teran, also contributed advice on how to reach the community.

Due to the valuable feedback we received from the community, we feel that attending the NELA RC's open house was great for our project.

Members of Team Green discuss their project with a representative from L.A. Mas | Photo: Rubi Fregoso


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