Current state of vacant lot

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Melissa Barrera
Marlene Anaya
Joshua Origel

What is something you want to improve in your neighborhood?
We want to get rid of empty lots and clean them up or make something out of them.

Why is it important to improve this aspect of your neighborhood?
It improves our neighborhood, and makes it a nice and safe place.

Where would you go in your neighborhood to investigate and document this issue?
The lot we are investigating is across the street from 3807 Fletcher Drive in Glassell Park. It's an empty lot filled with litter and dry weeds. We think it would be nice to build a little park there or, if we can't, it would be awesome to at least clean it up.

Who is affected by this issue in your neighborhood, and how would things change for them once you've improved the situation?
All of the community members who live near the lot are affected by this issue. Making it a nice place to stay -- maybe a park -- would be a good contribution to neighborhood as long as it is well maintained. It will make the neighborhood look cleaner and nicer. The vacant lot makes the neighborhood look dead, if we made it into a park or garden it would be better looking.

What are two possible ways that you can take action towards solving this issue?
We can at least clean up this lot or we could make something out of it by organizing people from the community to help out and contribute.

What is your vision for improvement in your neighborhood and why is it important to take action?
Remodeling the empty lot would make the community a nicer place instead of just having an vacant lot. We could make a good use of it.

One vision for the vacant lotIf anything was possible, what would you do to improve this aspect of your community?
It would be nice to make this vacant lot a little park, no playgrounds, just grass, flowers, trees, benches, and a little pond would be cute. A peace treaty would decorate the entrance gate, and a lemonade stand would be awesome. It would be like a meditation/ yoga park, like the little reservoir in Silver Lake !!!!!!! :)