Community Connections: Meet Pamela G.

Pamela Gonzalez shares the t-shirt from her elementary school.

I'm in 12th grade and I go to Los Angeles River school. The most important thing to know about me is that I want to go to college. The neighborhood I live in is Atwater Village and it is close by the L.A. River.

Where is the first and last place you would take a new visitor in your neighborhood?
The first place I would take a visitor would be to Boba Loca because its a great place in Atwater Village to get something to drink and have a talk with friends. The last place I would take them would be the river because they water is not clean.

What object connects you to your neighborhood?
The object that connects me to my neighborhood would be my Atwater Elementary School shirt because it is in my village and I attended that school when I was a child.


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