Where the sidewalk narrows

Youth Voices is working with students from the Los Angeles River School to re-imagine the L.A. River and the surrounding communities as part of the Northeast Los Angelels Riverfront Collaborative. Students are exploring and investigating their communities, mapping assets, collecting and sharing stories, data and community input for their projects. All the while they are learning and expanding their knowledge of digital media and civic engagement. Follow their work here and on Instagram and Twitter by using #kcetyv.


Team Members:
Kimberly Sandoval
Adriana Felix
Brian Santos
Lorena Montenez
Sam Mayoral

What is something you want to improve in your neighborhood?
We would like to improve the sidewalks and traffics lights along San Fernando Road. We would also like to fix the potholes and cracks in the road.

Why is it important to improve this aspect of your neighborhood?
We think it's important because we want to keep people safe and our streets clean.

Where would you go in your neighborhood to investigate and document this issue?
We have gone to San Fernando Rd. & Fletcher and taken pictures of the damaged areas of the road. We have also taken pictures of the traffic in the afternoon and how dark the street is at several points. In addition we have taken pictures of the narrow sidewalks and how in some places they disappear. We will also be asking people what it is that they would like to see improved as well.

Who is affected by this issue in your neighborhood, and how would things change for them once you've improved the situation?
Everyone is affected by this issue in our neighborhood & if the roads and sidewalks are improved maybe there wouldn't be so many accidents.

How does this issue affect the people in your neighborhood (including you,) and how will things change once it's improved?
It affects us by not worrying about getting hurt by a car, and improving walking conditions,

What are two possible ways that you can take action towards solving this issue?
We will make a petition and gather signatures. We will advocate for our cause through social media.

What is your vision for improvement in your neighborhood and why is it important to take action?
Our overall vision is to improve the sidewalks around San Fernando Road by making them wider, because people can get pushed off when it gets too crowded.

If anything was possible, what would you do to improve this aspect of your community?
If anything was possible we'd widen the roads and sidewalks and improve traffic lights along San Fernando Road.

Broken San Fernando Road