A car obstructs the sidewalk on San Fernando Road in Glassell Park

Andrew Flores: Speaker
Richard Urquiza: Researcher
Arturo Rodriguez: Alternative Speaker
Israel Flor: Researcher
Israel Borja: Supplier
Jose Alvarez: Researcher

What is something you want to improve in your neighborhood?
San Fernando Road. We decided that adding stop lights, a bike lane, along with fixing the pot holes and adding wider/extensive sidewalks will improve our community.

Why is it important to improve this aspect of your neighborhood?
A bike lane will help prevent bikers from getting into accidents. There have been many reports of bike accidents on San Fernando, if we can put a bike lane on San Fernando then people driving will know to use more caution. There is a bike lane on San Fernando Road but you can't really see it because it doesn't have a sign. If we had longer and wider sidewalks, it would be much safer for kids to walk home from school. Programming the street lights more efficiently during high traffic hours will also help to lessen traffic.

What are two possible ways that you can take action towards solving this issue?
We plan to improve this situation by advocating the creation of signs so drivers could identify that there is a bike lane and not hit people who are riding their bikes. We plan on presenting our project by advocating for it on social media. We can work with our teachers, and community members who have their own contacts to help us get the word out.