Brenda's Personal Map

Brenda Ramos' Map

Hey! This is my home, where I grew up, Lincoln Heights! The neighborhood isn't the worst place in the world, there have been minimal shootings. The only problem around my neighborhood is that there's tagging almost everywhere!

This is my map! These are the places that are the most important and meaningful to me! My home is where I spend the most time now. It used to be my middle school (on the top right corner of my map) 'cause I spent about 11 hours there everyday! Now, I go to LA Leadership (on the bottom right corner of my map) and love it here! I love reading and love to go to the library; this library is so cool! Instead of being a boring looking building, it curves. So whenever, I want something new to read, I go there. If I want something to eat though, I just go to Jack in the Box, it's on my way home so if I'm hungry coming from school, I can just drop by. As I walk home, I always pass in the Lincoln Heights Park. It's not large, if anything, it's pretty small, but I spent time there as a kid so it's pretty special. Across from the park however, there's a place that I want to change. They have a mural there, but gangs have gone and tagged all over it! We should find a way to paint over the tagging and replace the mural. So yeah, this was my map.


The "Ghetto."


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