Captain White From Swift Water Rescue

We visited one of the four Swift Water Rescue teams in Los Angeles. The four rescue teams are scattered throughout the city of Los Angeles in a strategic manner in order to optimize efficiency. They are not only a city asset but a state asset. This means that whenever they are needed they will be there. The Swift Water Rescue teams were deployed in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina, in Texas during Hurricane Ike, in New York during 9/11 and many other natural disasters that have thrown the US into a state of emergency. The Swift Water rig consists of two jet skis and one inflatable rescue boat. These are used wherever they are needed.

In Los Angeles, Swift Water Rescue make sure that no one drowns in the LA River or any of its tributaries during heavy rains. They feel that the river can be a very dangerous place where the water current can be misleading and people can very easily get swept away. Captain White talked about how he feels that people should stay away from the river and avoid life threatening situations. Captain White and his team have done many rescues throughout their career as firemen and are true heroes.


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