Community Interview: Councilman Ed Reyes

Councilman Reyes

As KCET project producers meeting Ed Reyes was a real treat. The interview was very interesting and very inspiring; Reyes spoke of change and his process of becoming a politician. His reply, "I was disillusioned," when he heard how the government disrupted and spent money. That is why he became a politician so that he could represent his voice and the voice of his Latino community, Cypress Park. As a young teen Reyes never went to a beach until he was the age of 16! His friends and him didn't have the advantage to go to the beach or the mountains like some of us can. In hard times his friends and him went down to the river to spend their free time there. He told us that the river provided him his own urban playground.

His desire to help bring more youth involvement really touched the hearts of the KCET producers. Whenever he spoke it felt like a mentor was giving us advice or a father-figure speaking of tall-tails; I think that's what really captured my attention to his interview. He was passionate about his work, wise, and considerate about relating his experiences. After the interview he told us that he would love to visit our school; ears rang and faces were filled with smiles when we heard this. I hope we do get see Mr. Reyes again.

You can watch Councilman Ed Reyes' interview here.


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