Corrido Process

So, about a month ago Matt came to us with a new project: to write, record and produce a corrido (mexican folk music) that had special emphasis on our neighborhood. At first we didn't know how to go about this assignment, corridos aren't exactly what we're listening to but they are (kinda-sorta) instilled in the mexican culture and so we weren't total strangers to the genre. The really hard part was settling on a concept, which we changed about 10 times before finally deciding on "change."

Everyone wrote their verse separately and so i can only provide insight on mine. Before I begin, I'd like to say that my part was horrible :( but i can also tell you that it came from the heart ;) I'm not really sure if anyone who listens to my lyrics will get what im trying to say but i tried to unmask reality and how messed up the world is now, everything is about sex or money, if your familiar with Lupe Fiasco's concept of "the cool" then you know what i'm talking about. I wanted to do so many different things with my verse, but alas, i was under a time crunch...anyway, i tried to give hope or inspire hope with the verse, "this is unbelievable reality, irony. Imma start by changing my city."


Change is Coming


Los Angeles, the place to be...