First Impression

I actually went to the LA River 2 years ago with Departures. Before I went two years ago, I always pictured the LA River in the movies. The nearly empty cement "river" that no one payed attention to and was full of tagging. My ideas of what the LA River looked liked (a cement little river) was proven when my dad drove by there on our way to the store. I never knew that there was another section of the LA River where there were actually trees and fish. When I first heard that there were fish in the river, I scoffed. There was no way that fish can survive in that small heavily contaminated river. When I visited the LA River, I found out that it was contaminated, but it had the potential to be beautiful. With a little bit of help from people, it could be the prosperous river it once was. Now, whenever I think of the river, I think of the trees, fish and birds that inhabit it and how beautiful and useful it could be in the future.


Nightingale Channel


Nightingale Bridge .