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Allan Arauz's Map
Allan Arauz's Map

This is a map of my L.A. They say where someone grows up shapes their future. I live in Los Angeles and this isn't the most normal place to grow up, at very young ages you get to see things that most kids shouldn't see, things that make us mature much faster than people who live in calm cities. Those who still haven't experienced real life. We don't live in dreams in the City of Angels.

My mom's house is very important to me because i lived there the most part of the time I have been in the U.S. I learned so many things in my childhood, many from friends while roaming the street. If you look North of my mom's house, you see LNX. That's what i'm referring to as "the streets". i have lost so many friends around this place, but even though, it has helped me figure out right from wrong. Now my house, wow i was there the whole way while it was getting fix from the wood floors up, i'm proud of that.

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