George Wolfe

It was another filming day with the guys. Geo, Angel, Chris and I all got in my dad's van and followed Matt to Marsh Park. There we met George Wolfe, who is writer/editor by day and a LA River activist by night. He was such an interesting guy. A few years ago he was part of a group of people who navigated the LA River on boats from Canoga Park all the way down to Long Beach. :O on his 52 mile long expedition he said he wasn't sure they would make it all the way because they were scared that the LAPD would stop their trip. But fortunately they made it.

After hearing his story and the impact of their trip on the LA River, it had me thinking about how cool it would be to take a trip down the LA River. Hopefully in the future George Wolfe will be a main contributor to the recreational use of the river. He would love to create a boating program that would both provide a fun experience and inform people about the wildlife in and around the river.


What the River Taught Me


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