On the 16th of November our Departures class went on a field trip to the L.A. River near Frogtown. We volunteered our day to help the L.A. Conservation Corps with cleaning around and in the natural bottom part of the river, which is cluttered with trash. Our group of 14 students was separated in smaller groups. Some headed up the river and others went south. I saw some trash that has been there for so long it can no longer be removed, it has become the environment. Each person given a thrash bag each and a pair of gloves, most filled them up and we got a snack once we were done.

I have gone to the river before but I haven't interacted with it like this before. My first impression of all the trash was how could we let this happen? This river runs through the heart of L.A. and we treat it like a big trash dump. When people told us that birds accidentally eat trash not knowing what it is, it made me feel guilty for the deaths of those birds. The river wildlife depends on humans and we aren't doing our part to make sure they live on.


Fishing at the River


Plastic Trees & Styrofoam Leaves - L.A. River Clean Up