Leo Limon

The man Leo Limon, or just known as "Leo" is a very interesting man. What he does is he spray paints pictures of cats on storm drains in the L.A. River. Leo told us that he grew up in Cypress Park and knew about growing up around gangs. As we heard this we all knew what he was going through because we ourselves have experienced the events he told us about. He told us about how he used to come down to the river everyday to do some artwork on the walls. As he grew up he eventually got a permit from the city of Los Angeles to do cats on storm drains. Now he does them all over the Los Angeles River from Pasadena to Burbank.

Leo also talked about how he thinks Los Angeles should fund about 8 million dollars for kids all over Los Angeles to do their artwork on the river instead of them getting arrested for doing their work and being sent to jail. Leo then ends our interview with painting a kitten on a storm drain. Ending our interview, Leo let Geo, Arthur, Angel, and me draw a couple of baby cats next to his masterpiece of an artwork. He also didn't use all the spray cans we gave him and took them home for his own use. >:(


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