Meet LA Leadership Academy's Student Producers

LA Leadership Academy's best and brightest (well, all the students are amazing) have joined up with Youth Voices: LA River this semester. We have a team of very thoughtful and talented students, most of whom have taken on leadership roles in the student government.

Like all other Youth Voices programs, we begin with introductions: introductions to what Departures is; introductions to the field of media education and production; introductions to myself and the students; we all come from different backgrounds and live in different neighborhoods.

A great way for students to introduce themselves in the context of this project is through the Meet Me activity. A Meet Me is a PowerPoint that students create as a way to express who they are using images rather than words. It is a great way for them to begin to think about the relationship between author and reader and the inevitable gap that is created between an author's intention and the reader's perception. With even a simple image, there can be confusion between what the author is trying to communicate. We begin this dialogue when students present themselves through their PowerPoints. And ultimately, we come to realize that there is a common language that we all speak through images, but there is also a disconnect in some cases where each person brings a unique perspective based on his or her experience. Hence, one of the foundational principles of media literacy.

Below are a couple of examples of LA Leadership's students. I am pleased to introduce you to them.

Next week, come back and see these students' subjective maps of their neighborhoods.


April's Neighborhood in Koreatown



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