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Geo's Neighborhood

Geovanni Cali's Map
Geovanni Cali's Map

Hey my name is Geovanni Cali and I'm going to give you a taste of what i go through almost every day. I live in Lincoln Heights, a neighborhood by East Los Angeles. Its a community with a diverse hispanic culture and many others. Although it has a high crime rate, it is full of love.

This is a map of my neighborhood. Its the best location for me because its the center of everything in my world. From my neighborhood i can go anywhere i want. My friends are all around me. After school there are innumerable things to do. Every street has its kick spots and a cool pad to be at. My neighborhood has great places to eat not including the well known restaurants in the area. Dino's Jrs has one of the best burgers i have ever tasted. There are people that i see very often but are not related to me, not even friends. The main streets like Broadway are portals to different places. My neighbors although they might not seem like they are, they are very fun to be around.

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