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Mr. Arthur's Neighborhood

Arthur Salcedo's Map
Arthur Salcedo's Map

This is MY neighborhood. I live on Ave 33, a dead end street that is isolated form the rest of the community. Lincoln Heights is a small nieghborhood in northeast Los Angeles infuriated by Love, Drugs, Violence and A LOT of Culture. I love Lincoln even with all its imperfections. My goal for the future is to get educated then come back and make my community a better place!!!

I love hanging around on my street. My schools right next door to my house, so I get to wake up right before the bell rings.:D Chris, my cousin, lives two houses up the street we ball up in my front yard all the time! When I'm hungry and my moms not cooking I will call up my friends Geo, Mike, and Alan and go hit up Jack n The Box or Dino's. You can beat Dino's Colossal Burger, a heavenly creation balancing pastrami and beef. On week-ends I love to go to the three dollar movies with the gang in Highland Park. If anyone is interested in Lincoln Heights hit me up and I'll give u the personal tour.

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