Renee's Neighborhood Map

Renee Rivas' Map

This is how I see my neighborhood. I've lived in Atwater Village all my life and I'm proud of it. Though it may not be something special and no one may know of it but is everything to me. There is so many places to do and see there is the L.A. River that is is a few blocks down from my house, then there is the well known Hyperion Bridge and Griffith Park! It may be a small little area. But it is quick to get from were I live to other neighborhoods like Burbank and Glendale. Its little things like this that make me proud to live in the area.

Even though I may make my neighborhood seem so wonderful there is plenty of violence. There are rival gangs, T.V.R. and the Rascals, that cause drama, unnecessary drama. I wish that there wasn't any of this but sadly its out of my hands. The one street that divides these two gangs is Los Feliz. Lately the number of late night shootings have gone down since a raid about four months back. But since things have been cooling down the place feels so serene. I can't seem but to think that there is no other place that would best describe me than Atwater Village.


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