Angels Map Yo!

This is a map of my neighborhood. My neighborhood isn't the best one out there but i think its a very interesting one. One thing people think when they hear Lincoln Heights is GANGS, its true but there is many other things to it. I put Carl's Jr because I used to always kick it there after school. I put my old school Lincoln High because i had some of my funnest days there ! I even put all the tagging I see everyday because its something that represents my hood. My house is my favorite thing on my map because its a place were all my friends come to hang out. My parents are super cool and let us hang out anytime because they rather have us in my house rather then on the mean streets! One of the chillest spots to kick it has to be Dino's Jr , they have awesome food and they let you chill till whenever! My neighborhood is super dope and im gonna miss it when I leave!


Mike's Map


Mr. Arthur's Neighborhood