Marcy's Hood

I was having a hard time thinking of things that make my neighborhood was it is; the neighborhood I know and love. But then I thought of what I miss the most about Los Angeles when I'm in Mexico. When I got started I keep going and adding things until it became my neighborhood map. It isn't necessarily one neighborhood it's a combination of five: Alhambra, Montecito Park, Little Tokyo, San Gabriel, and where I live in Lincoln Heights. Ah I'm really proud of my map.

I'm sure you know about the people that when they absolutely love something they just have to tell you about it, well I'm that kind of person. When I fell in love with the beauty of Ernest E. Debbs park in Montecito Park, I just had to take my friends there. Most people don't even know this place exists, but my dad has been taking us for years. Me and my dad go there to walk/hike in the summer, best sunset views guaranteed. It has a lake up top that's a little green and not because it's clean but still, it's nice to have a place with nature in Los Angeles.

My former teacher once took me to Yogurtland and I was hooked in the first spoon-full. On my Quinceanera after my picture session I told the limo driver to go to Yogurtland wand my Yogurtland is yummy period.




The "Ghetto."