Mike's Map

This map illustrates my neighborhood, or what i consider it to be. In it, you'll find places i hold dear, places i visit on a daily basis. My neighborhood is more than a daily setting, its become a part of my essence. I've met wonderful people here that i love with my heart and soul, now more apart of my family than, sometimes, I would like. However, like in any other suburban neighborhood in the outskirts of Downtown LA, gangs rule the streets. Staying unexposed to gang related activities is impossible. Maintaining your distance is of the essence when surviving Lincoln Heights since gang members exist on nearly every street. The beauty of the Heights, for me, at least, lay in the friendships I've made here.

Places i visit everyday...or almost, anyway, are the homie Alan's House, Arthur's House and Dino's. Why do i visit these places as much as i can? I don't think anyone can ever hate Alan. There is never, ever a dull moment with him, because if there is, his face looks funny :D I'm laughing even as i type this lmao. I visit his house even when he's not there, because my future wife happens to be his sister, just don't tell him i said that. Arthur? He's the fat dude that makes you laugh in every movie...he might just be Chris Farley's son. His house is next to my school anyway, so his house is kinda like the after-school kick-back spot. Dino's has the best fries in the universe, super crispy and lots of seasoning. Since my dad works there, the fries are all-you-can-eat.


Geo's Neighborhood


Angels Map Yo!

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