Sophia's Personal Map

Hey! This is my map of my community, "Lincoln Heights." In my neighborhood, it's pretty quiet during the day and night. It's also very cultural and has different races in different blocks with Asians, French, and Latin. The only problem is that it has litter in houses or on the streets.

As you can see in my map, my neighborhood has different places where I like to hang out and around my community that is important to me. The most common place I go to is Lincoln Park were I can relax and enjoy the scenery to me its a beautiful place in my neighborhood. The problems are the graffiti and littering I hate how the community does not appriciate homes and the streets. My favorite pad is my neighbors house because I can talk to someone my own age and someone I can relate to. A great place to eat is Estrella Restaurante it has the best Mexican foods to choose from, my favorite food is jiva. A place me and my friends come together to participate in different activities is the Lincoln Heights Library when we study, read, and talk about practically anything. My favorite place to hang out is my friends house because I can talk to my best friend there and tell her anything that is bothering me. When something bothering me or I'm irritated by my younger siblings I can escape to my grandpas house where I can relax.


Mr. Arthur's Neighborhood



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