A River in LA?

I have lived here in Lincoln heights all my life, never once have I thought about going to hang out at the river. Ever since I have been in the process of learning more about it through this program, I have realized more it has more history to it then I have thought. During the times I have gone to visit the river I have learned that there was if the river was not constructed then there would not be any type of water resource. Therefore Los Angeles would not be here. Native Americans also resided here long ago before a group of settlers came and took over and began shaping the lands.

The river is also filled with trash that affects the wild life that lives and feeds off of it. Animals suffer from the consequence of all the pollution and chemicals that we throw out.

In my perspective the river should be reconstructed and actually be made into an actual river that has tress and grass planted on the sides so that residents could get the feel of a real river and be able to enjoy it with their families.


The Departures Experience


"Los Angeles" A Corrido by Erendira Hernandez