LA River Teaches Me

The Los Angeles River used to be a place that I thought was full of trash. I was with the KCET Departures two years ago and we actually went down in the LA River to help clean it. Even though it was dirty, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I think that in the future, Los Angeles should be centered around the LA River. They could clean it and make it more accessible to the public. In the future, kids could go in and swim and play in the river. When humans struggle for water in the future, the Los Angeles River will become a central source of water.

I've learned that the river isn't as bad and unclean as others and the media have made it seem. It can be changed for the better in the future. It can be really useful in the future. I have learned that the Los Angeles River isn't all cement like it was shown to be in Grease. There are actually places in the river that have trees and fish. I thought the water was too toxic to even have life. I did not know that there were actually birds and fishes there. I didn't know that people actually went kayaking and fishing. I learned that although only a few people go into the LA River (and take advantage of it), even now it is very useful part of our city.


Leo Limon


Captain White From Swift Water Rescue