What the River Taught Me

Through out this journey of discovering the L.A. River I have learned many things. With Shelly Backlar I discovered how important it is to remember that with out the river the city as a whole wouldn't have been placed here. The day we volunteered with Los Angeles Conservation Corps and cleaned up the river the condition of it was shocking. It was worse then what I expected, what any of us expected. We need more people to volunteer in order for us to improve the state of the LA River is in. Iif not I'm afraid it will only get worse.

Meeting with councilmen Ed Reyes and his plans for the cities future for the river was good. We heard all his plans for making the river a place for the community hopefully it will all fall through in his years as councilmen. I have learned many things through this experience. I wish I could say that The LA River would get better quick but with out the effort there is nothing to improve. We have all come by the Los Angeles River at some point in our lives and we have to embrace it while we still can.


"Los Angeles" A Corrido by Erendira Hernandez


George Wolfe