The "Ghetto."

Chris Lagunas' Map

This map is a map that I drew to illustrate my neighborhood. My neighborhood is not the best neighborhood around due to the gangs and different problems here in Lincoln Heights. You'll find a lot of different areas of interest on my map-from bad places to cool places just to hang out at. Although this is considered "The Ghetto", you can still make a great living, especially if you know how to live in these streets. Im actually very glad I grew up here.

My neighborhood has a lot of great things to do. First of all, a great area in which to hang out would be the train tracks. One place that you should probably stay away from, however, would be the crack house. People are always selling crack in there and you'll probably get shot if you try to go around it. One place I would want to kick it at would be the school down my street. It is very fun there because you can just go any day you want and hang out with school friends and play games.


Marcy's Hood


Brenda's Personal Map