Rosa's Lincoln Heights

This is the map of my neighborhood Lincoln heights. Damn taggers are always making the place look more ghetto than it actually is. It's not a hysterical neighborhood but robbery, shootings, and assaults do tend to happen here just like any other neighborhood.

Montecito Park is a place i like to go often and relax ,enjoy the view of the city from the top of the hills, and since the park is quite large you get to explore everywhere and it takes you to a few diffrent neightborhoods depending on where you head. Fast food restaurants are great here. McDonalds, El Rodeo, and so much more, those are THE places to go whenever you're hungry. Abraham Lincoln high school is definitely one, it was my original school. My earliest childhood memory consisted in Lincoln Park. Ever since I was able to walk my mom has been taking me there. I had my 13th birthday there once. And now I stop by the park every now and then, relax, exercise, talk to strangers, and be asked for money.


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Mapping Lincoln Heights