Bashiri Maps his Leimert Park

Creating personal maps is one of the first activities we do in Youth Voices. We ask the student producers to identify the places they spend time with friends, or places that have meaning to them as well as other key locations, people, and things. This begins the process of thinking more critically about their neighborhood along with initiating a creative freedom to express ideas that are true to their experiences. The maps provide an opportunity to put it down on paper and reflect on a personal memories that start to paint a clearer picture of Leimert Park and what they would like to see it become.

Layer one shows the Hot Spots or key locations in Leimert Park Bashiri identified

Layer two offers descriptions and stories regarding the Hot Spots

To read more about the process of creating the Leimert Park personal maps click HERE.

Bashiri GowieBashiri G is a sophomore at the USC Hybrid High. He has a keen eye and strong opinions about the state of Leimert Park. For his Youth Voices project he decided to explore the art that is abundant along Degnan Boulevard and throughout the Village.


Leimert Park Workshop #1: Identifying Neighborhood Connections


Carolina Maps Leimert Park