Leimert Park: A Community Map

During the first Youth Voices workshop in Leimert Park the students created their personal maps and began to develop an interactive collaborative map. Students were asked to work together to build a Google Map that features place markers for the hot spots they had previously identified on their personal maps. We asked the students to look within to identify meaningful memories and link them to the map. Through this process they are creating an interactive representation of what makes their neighborhood unique, rich in stories, and most importantly, what makes it theirs.

View Departures Youth Voices Leimert Park in a larger map

The students not only marked their memories but also highlighted locations that are part of their everyday lives -- the park, their music and dance schools, where they shop for gifts and more. The map offers a wide array of places that brings Leimert Park to life for both its residents and for visitors interested in exploring this unique Los Angeles neighborhood.

Zechariah adds markers to the Leimert Park Collaborative Map

Explore the collaborative map the students created above and view their personal maps HERE.


Anbiya's Personal Map of Leimert Park


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