Meet LewaNana P.

Lewa holds the object that connects her to her community-a mask made for the Day of the Ancestors

Hi! I'm LewaNana P. (I like to be called Lewa for short). I'm a Georgia native, and moved to California when I was three, and moved to the Leimert Park area when I was six.  In about fourth and fifth grade I discovered my community in joining Kids @ 43rd Pl. (A non-profit community performing arts organization.) I began to volunteer at KAOS Network, where I experienced wonderful things that helped shape who I am today.  

I go to Alexander Hamilton High School and in the upcoming 2013-14 year I'm going to be a sophomore. I play the Cello and want to be an actress. I would like to go to UC Berkley for Forensic Science, and maybe even Film, Theater, And Television.  I'm an avid photographer and my goal with Youth Voices is to explore the Leimert Plaza Park and examine how it can be changed to create a more family friendly space where the community can continue to come together to have fun and find comfort in hard times.

Take a look at Lewa's map and photos created as part of Youth Voices.


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