Exploration: Ella Jean-Sprecher Field Trip Observations

Students from the Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts (LFCSA) and the Living Museum Sycamore Grove are collaborating with Departures Youth Voices to document their exploration of the area and develop interactive tools that will become part of the Living Museum's community resources. Follow the students as they work with community residents and learn about the history of the neighborhood, urban planning, and placemaking.

Below are the student's observations from their field trip to the Sycamore Grove District in Highland Park. To read more about the trip click here.

My name is Ella Jean-Sprecher. I go to Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts, and I am in fifth grade. I am in Mrs. John's class, I sit at table four, seat five, AKA the closest seat to the door in the classroom.

Mrs.John's class went to the Lummis House. The Lummis House is a house and a museum. There used to be a man who lived here, Mr.Charles Lummis. He built his house from 1897 to 1910. It (The Lummis House) is made of concrete, cedar, redwood, and stones from the Arroyo Seco. Current-day people at the Lummis House either sit and give you information or walk around giving tours. The people there are very nice. It is a very quiet place.

I also saw lots of dogs, such as huskies, daushounds, new york terriers, and pitbulls; beautiful plants like poppies, camillas, and lavender; we also saw a 30 foot wide house.

Questions to investigate:

  • Who was Charles Lummis?
  • Why are there non-purposeful doors?
  • Why do people get to see this?
  • Why was the bathroom updated?
  • Why are there baby mosquitoes in the pond?


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