Exploration: Isabella Savage Field Trip Observations

The Perry Mason House

Students from the Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts (LFCSA) and the Living Museum Sycamore Grove are collaborating with Departures Youth Voices to document their exploration of the area and develop interactive tools that will become part of the Living Museum's community resources. Follow the students as they work with community residents and learn about the history of the neighborhood, urban planning, and placemaking.

Below are the student's observations from their field trip to the Sycamore Grove District in Highland Park. To read more about the trip click here.

I visited Heritage Square, and Sycamore Grove. Heritage Square is a museum, and Sycamore Grove is the neighborhood it is in. When you get there, you get to go in old Victorian houses that got moved to Heritage Square right before they were going to be torn down. Inside the houses, you get to see a lot of amazing architecture you wouldn't usually see in the middle of LA.

I saw a neighborhood that I had never heard of or seen before in my entire life. I saw fascinating architecture (In one house in Heritage Square, it had some really cool vintage fashion that really caught my eye), the Arroyo Seco, old houses, craftsman style houses, graffiti, plants, and flowers (some of which were native plants and flowers). I experienced some extremely amazing things, like architecture, decor, Victorian houses, and so much more. I would be glad to go back to Heritage Square and Sycamore Grove.

Questions to investigate:

  • Why is there so much graffiti?
  • Why isn't there a lot of people in Sycamore Grove?
  • Why is there only a little water in the Arroyo Seco?
  • How old are the houses in Heritage Square?
  • Why don't many people know about Heritage Square and Sycamore Grove?
  • How long has this part of town been around?
  • Why would people tear down such amazing and beautiful houses?
  • Where were they originally?


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