Exploration: Teagan Disharoon Field Trip Observations

Students from the Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts (LFCSA) and the Living Museum Sycamore Grove are collaborating with Departures Youth Voices to document their exploration of the area and develop interactive tools that will become part of the Living Museum's community resources. Follow the students as they work with community residents and learn about the history of the neighborhood, urban planning, and placemaking.

Below are the student's observations from their field trip to the Sycamore Grove District in Highland Park. To read more about the trip click here.

I attend Los Feliz Charter School For The Arts. I am in the 5th Grade.

On our feild-trip we went to Sycamore Grove and Heritage Square. Heritage Square is a place with houses that were about to be torn down but they bought the houses and renovated them. Sycamore Grove is the neighborhood that Heritage Square is in. People go to Heritage Square to go on tours of houses such as Mount Pleasant (The Perry Mansion).

I saw a lot of graffiti, which made me sad because a neighborhood this great should not have that much graffiti. I was also shocked how many murals were just covered with graffiti. There was so much trash in the streets that it was sometimes higher or as high as the curb. I also saw some very beautiful paint work on the houses. I loved the style in which all of the houses were built.

Questions to Investigate:

  • Has there always been this much graffiti?
  • When did the graffiti come up?
  • Are the streets always this dirty?
  • Does anybody try to clean the graffiti and the trash?


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