Community Interview: A Dog Park in El Monte is a Good Idea

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The focus of our community cause is to improve the conditions for dogs and dog owners across El Monte by creating a dog park. There are tons of dogs that we see everyday when we walk home, that are locked up in their owner's house or yard without the freedom to go where they please, or to run and stretch their legs.

We would like a dog park to be opened in a vacant lot in El Monte. That way, in addition to providing a place for dogs and their owners, a place that was once empty and gave nothing to the community would become a gathering place for the community. With a dog park so close to where people live, it would encourage them to take their dogs and let them roam while at the same time meet and talk to their neighbors.

We interviewed community resident Victor Garcia for our cause. We chose to interview him because he loves his dogs and would be interested in having a dog park. He's directly affected by this because he's very good with dogs, and would love to make his dogs happy by being able to run around freely in a dog park. During the interview Victor said "I want them to be free and roam around -- not be caged up."

How often do you walk your dog?
Around two or three days out of the week

Would it benefit you if there was a dog park built?
Well yeah honestly it would be a good idea having one close by.

How would it benefit you?
I can take my dog out and he can run with all that space. Also it would benefit me because it's more safe and easier to keep an eye on my dog.

Where would you like to see the dog park located?
Anywhere close in El Monte. I don't want to go all far for a dog park. So anywhere close by neighborhood.

What about Valley Boulevard and Gilman Road?
Uh yeah that sounds good I'm down for that.

Could a dog park breathe new life into an empty lot in El Monte? Tell us your thoughs here.

This vacant lot on Valley Blvd. near Gilman Rd. is a possible sight for a neighborhood dog park


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