This vacant lot on Valley Blvd. near Gilman Rd. could be a possible sight for a neighborhood dog park

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We would like to improve the conditions for dogs and dog owners across El Monte. There are tons of dogs that we see everyday when we walk home that are locked up in their owner's house or yard without the freedom to go where they please or to run and stretch their legs. We, ourselves, are guilty of having dogs and not taking them for a walk everyday. We would like to improve that problem.

Many dogs get aggressive when locked up for too long. If we had some way we could let these dogs have freedom, we think they would be more peaceful. Also if owners walked their dogs, that would provide exercise for them AND their dogs. Also the neighborhood would seem more people friendly.

Well I don't want to make El Monte look bad but...almost everywhere. There's at least five houses on each street that have dogs that are locked up or have little to no space to roam.

It affects all dog owners in El Monte. We can't speak for everyone, and we're not, but I think some people would like to walk their dogs, but are just too lazy to walk them. We think if there was a location that dog owners could take their pets, it would motivate, if not, compel them to take them there.

There's only one thing that we can think of to fix all these problems. We would like a dog park to be opened in a vacant lot. With a dog park so close to where people live, it would be easier for them to take their dogs and let them roam. The dogs would become more friendly and be happy.The owners would at least have exercise and at most have a chance to meet and talk to their neighbors. We even have a slogan.

"Good for dogs. Good for people. :)"

The vacant lot sits north of Valley Blvd. and just west of the San Gabriel River