Community Connections: Meet Aaron B.

Aaron B.

I am currently a senior at Mountain View High School. I'm a very outgoing person who loves to write and film. I like to always be on the go because I strongly dislike being in the same place for to long.

The neighborhood I am lucky enough to call home is El Monte, CA and the San Gabriel River is very close to us.

Where is the first and last place you would take a new visitor in your neighborhood?
I would take them to see the Valley Mall because back in the day that's where people would hangout and rumor has it that The Beatles played there once. The last place I would take them is to this nameless park down Peck Road because I truly believe that it is haunted.

What object connects you to your neighborhood?
My long board is what connects me to the community because it gets me where I need to go when I need to go and there's a lot of other skaters in the city.


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