Community Connections: Meet Alexis I.

Alexis displays his medal

I am an 11th grader and I attend Mountain View High School in El Monte. The most important thing to know about me is I am the type of person that feels a need to help people who require help or who look sad.

The neighborhood that I call my home is Madrid Middle School because this is the place that shaped me to be who I am now & yes, the San Gabriel River is close by.

The first place I would take a new visitor in my neighborhood is to Edward's 8, which is a movie theater. The last place would be to the corner of Garvey at night because that is where the hookers of our town work.

An object that I feel links me to my beautiful El Monte is my first L.A. Marathon medal. This symbolizes my time, my commitment, and what it really means to be involved in my community. The reason for this is that I coach Madrid Middle School kids for the marathon, here in El Monte. Not in L.A. not in Pomona, or Baldwin Park, but here in friendly El Monte. This keeps kids healthy both physically and mentally. Mentally is harder to train because I really need to touch their hearts, but when I finally do I teach them to be better leaders and never give up. This is how I am linked to my community. This is how I do my part in El Monte.


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