Community Connections: Meet JayJay M.


My given name is Juan by I strongly prefer JayJay. Everybody calls me JayJay, even my mom.

I'm in 12th grade and I'm currently enrolled at Mountain View High School. I love it here. It gives me so much and I wish there was some way I can give back. IHEARTMOUNTAINVIEW

There are a few things you should know about me. First off, I'm pretty funny. Actually my dream is to be on SNL. I have a good heart and I'm pretty nice. I also like rhyming. My last attribute is that I'm stronger than the average person.

What I call my neighborhood is actually my cross street. Durfee is a street in the city I live in, El Monte. This street is about three miles long and it takes me places I love. Also, it's only a street away from the San Gabriel River. Durfee alone has restaurants and hang-out spots all over it.

The first place I would take a stranger to in my neighborhood would be the park where there's kids, basketball courts, and sports games always going on. Along with these things, there's venders selling ice cream and other treats for a nice day. However the last place would be the local restaurant around my corner. It's called Tacos Del Chino. They have the best tacos in town, hands down.

What object connects you to your neighborhood?
My basketball would be my object, no doubt. I believe it connects me to my community because it always take me places; whether it be the park, then to go eat somewhere after playing or to my house then go to my friends' house. It helps me meet new people my age and make new memories and then we walk home or just hang out. Without my basketball, I wouldn't be able to play, thus not be able to connect to my community.


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