Community Connections: Meet Sarahi S.

Sarahi S.

I'm currently a Senior at Mountain View High School. The most important thing about me is that I like to meet new people. I'm also very organized and I'm very helpful with other people. I can get shy around people when I don't really know them, but as the days go by I open up. I'm really outgoing and random at times. The neighborhood I call home is El Monte City, it includes my actual home, school, and my aunt's house. Yes, it is right next to Mountain View High School. In El monte the San Gabriel River runs near Fineview St.. From my house it's not that far, it's about five blocks away.

The first place I would take my aunt when she comes to visit from Mexico would be The Valley Mall. The reason for this is because there are many clothing, shoe, and jewelry stores, as well as restaurants, and many other entertaining places.The last place I would take my aunt is to Garvey Ave..

An object that connects me to my community is money. The reason for this is with only fifty cents I can transport to another place. The Trolly can take me anywhere around El Monte City. It helps many people in our community to get to places they need to go.

Sarahi writes and sketches out the object that connects her to her community.


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