Alondra Nevarez Neighborhood Mural

Alondra Nevarez Mural
Alondra Nevarez Mural

The NELA Riverfront Youth Voices student producers created digital murals of their neighborhood and the places that are meaningful to them. Each mural contains 3 to 4 hot spots and a brief description below of these places and their significance to themselves and their community. Click on the image at the bottom to view the mural.

In my mural I have pictures of the Elysian Valley Park, the Nomad Gallery, the bike trail in the L.A River, and the L.A. River itself. I also have our school Sonia Sotomayor Learning Academies, Patra's Restaurant and The Americana.

I chose the Elysian Valley Park because when I go over to my friend's house, sometimes we like to hang out there for a while. I chose the Nomad Gallery because when we went there for a field trip, I thought the stuff they had there was pretty cool. The bike trail and the L.A. River are in my mural because some times I like walking there because it's quiet and peaceful. My school is there because I spend most of my days there with all my friends. Another hot spot I go to is Patra's, I go there a lot with my parents because it's super close to my house and they make really good food. The Americana is another hot spot of mine because I love going there with my friends.

These hot spots are an important part of my neighborhood because if they were to somehow disappear, it wouldn't be the same. A new place I learned about was the Nomad gallery. My favorite part of my mural is that some of my friends are in it and we have already made memories to go with all these places.

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