Kimberly Figueroa Neighborhood Mural

Kimberly Figueroa Mural
Kimberly Figueroa Mural

The NELA Riverfront Youth Voices student producers created digital murals of their neighborhood and the places that are meaningful to them. Each mural contains 3 to 4 (or more) hot spots and a brief description below of these places and their significance to themselves and their community. Click on the image below and then the play button to see and hear their work. Enjoy!

I applied 12 hot spots to my presentation. Each hot spot holds a kind of significance in my life and represents a place that I go frequently in my free time. They are the places where I go to hangout with friends/family or where I like to relax. My first hot spot is my hometown, Eagle Rock. The first image I placed is of a very well known music event that happens in the end of summer on Colorado Blvd. People from all over L. A. come to the Eagle Rock Music Festival to listen to bands, eat good food, and go home with homemade goodies. Next, I put one of my favorite record stores, Permanent Records. It's so covenant and affordable plus the people who work there are very friendly. I always look forward to seeing their cat and pug walking around the store. Other than the culture of Eagle Rock I didn't forget to place my all time favorite restaurants to eat at; Oinksters and the Taco Spot. The prices may be a little above budget, but you are really getting what you pay for. My hot spots are not only in Eagle Rock but in Old Town Pasadena, Hollywood, Downtown LA, and Highland Park as well. At least every other week I go to Old Town to get a coffee, eat sushi with friends, and go shopping. In Highland Park I frequently go to a Hair Salon called Manic Panic to buy hair dye or get a quick cut. The employees there are just so nice. Usually after a cut I will go to The Highland Park Café for an Aztec Cappuccino. In Hollywood I usually go to Thrift stores and at least every two months I go to The Hollywood Palladium for a few of my favorite bands. Lastly, I put Downtown as one as my hot spots because whenever I'm there I always have to go to Fashion District. All these hot spots really are my favorite places to go whenever I have time in my hands. These are the places where I wish I could be all the time.

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