Stephanie Castelan

Stephanie Castelan Mural
Stephanie Castelan Mural

The NELA Riverfront Youth Voices student producers created digital murals of their neighborhood and the places that are meaningful to them. Each mural contains 3 to 4 hot spots and a brief description below of these places and their significance to themselves and their community. Click on the image at the bottom to view the mural.

The only hot spot I have in my mural is Elysian Valley. I selected this hot spot because I grew up in this neighborhood and I was raised here. I began by highlighting the EV Park as an example of Elysian Valley. I also included Nomad Gallery, the L.A. River and Elysian Valley United.

I never knew Nomad Gallery was in my neighborhood and it is really cool. It is important because it's a big part of my neighborhood and it tries to bring the community together with events and art. They also make t-shirts at Nomad. The L.A. River also has a lot of meaning for us. My favorite part of my mural is the pictures I took of my friends and where I used to do my homework at Elysian Valley United.

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