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What connects you to your community?
Departures Youth Voices is built on a strong media-literacy foundation visible in the 11 workshop modules, but it is designed to adapt and change based on a variety of factors, including the students’ needs, the facility, resources available, and our education partners expectations. With each project, we work with students from different areas of the city with different backgrounds and different skill sets, in traditional classroom settings and in community facilities both with varying resources. The Education Notes blog helps to mediate between the plan designed for each installment of Youth Voices and the reality of the classroom. By reflecting on the weekly workshops from the educator's perspective, we are able to write and share about the process of the project, and how it relates to larger social and educational issues. We invite you to follow Departures Youth Voices as we work closely with students and community members to Re-envision the L.A. River.
Youth Voices Asks - What Connects You To Your Community?

Youth Voices Asks - What Connects You To Your Community?

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